About us

Driven by IT thinking, aiming to provide better service

Smartidea is committed to the development of logistics chain-related systems based on IT and believes that the thinking and logic brought by the background of computers can better solve logistics-related problems. Smartidea has been advancing on the goal of finding the optimal solution for the supply chain.

All members of Smartidea hold an undergraduate degree or above and are both IT majors or logistics professionals. Has many years of project development experience, serving C-side and B-side customers in mainland China and Australia. Smartidea has the ability to develop multi-language in Chinese and English and has experience in serving overseas markets.

Smartidea Group Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia

Established in 2013

100% of the team members have bachelor degree or above

Smartidea History and planning...

2013 Founded

2015 Invited to participate in the first Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Business Exhibition

2016 Started the upgrade of the new Australian Transit Network (zhuanyun.net), will use the new architecture, re-optimize the functions, enhance the user experience, and join the main functions of online booking and docking multiple logistics channels.

2017 Conducting a one-off service cooperation with 15 cross-border e-commerce platforms in mainland China, as well as system docking and operation; Started E-package system upgrade and increased shipping terminal process

2018 System development for overseas warehouse heads; Start designing and developing a billing system....

Smartidea is committed to providing professional services to businesses, companies and regions